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Radio Town aims to provide users of our services with great moments of content without compromising user confidence and protection of information.

We strive to understand the needs of our users and create content that interests them. Therefore, we collect information about users of our services on our website. Data processing provides added value for both our users and our advertiser customers.

This summary explains in more detail how Radio Town collects and uses different information. The user accepts the processing of the data described herein by using Radio Town services. In addition to these terms and conditions, the terms of use of the software used by you (eg Apple, Google, Microsoft) apply to the use of different applications.

Radio Town. is committed to complying with Finnish data protection legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable on 25 May 2018, and other applicable legislation relating to the privacy of users, as well as the processing of personal data in accordance with good data management and data processing practices.

1. Contact information

Radio Town. 
Contact: Marko Mela 
Address: Salmenmäentie 28 D 29 
08350 Lohja 
Email Address:

2. Information to be processed

We collect personal information necessary for the purposes described in section 3 of this privacy statement.

User-provided or personally identifiable information: 
• Name and contact information, such as address, phone number, email address 
• Registration information required for a digital account, such as username, nickname, password, and other unique identifier 
• Customer relationship information such as billing and payment information, product and order information , customer feedback and contact information, lottery and competition response information and cancellation information

Information about the use of the service: 
• Use and browsing information about the features of the service, ad screens and information about clicking on the ads. 
• The page from which the user has migrated to our site, the device model, the unique device and / or cookie identifier, the data acquisition channel (browser, application), browser version, IP address, session ID, session time and duration, and screen resolution and operating system. 
• Other information collected with the user's consent.

Data derived from the use of services or other information. This refers to information that has been deduced by analytics from the detected use of the service and / or from the information provided by the user, for example, potential interests of the user or segmentation into a group of certain types of users.

In addition, information is collected from users using cookies as described in more detail in the cookie clause.

3. Purposes and legal basis of the processing

Radio Town. has undertaken to process the information only to the extent necessary for the purposes for which it was established in advance and to fulfill any legal obligations of Radio Town.

We make reasonable efforts to keep the personal information in our possession correct by removing unnecessary information and updating obsolete information. The information is recorded in the register as received from the user and updated according to what the user informs us. The user always has the right to check the information concerning him / herself and, if necessary, demand that his or her data be corrected or deleted.

We process data for the following purposes:

• Producing, maintaining and developing 
online services • Customer service and customer communications for online services 
• Creating user accounts • Personalizing the 
user experience and targeting ads and marketing 
• Reaching users 
• Organizing competitions and campaigns 
• Making and targeting market and other research, analysis and reports 
• Web service availability and functionality 
• Preventing and investigating abuses • Business planning and product development

The information is processed on the basis of the customer relationship between the user and Radio Town, the use of the site, the legitimate interest of Radio Town, or the customer's separate consent, which is always user-revocable.

4. Data retention time

We will process the information as long as necessary for the purposes stated above.

5. Transfers and transfers of personal data

Personal data may be disclosed for legitimate purposes in accordance with data protection legislation. Data may also be disclosed to those involved in data analysis and online advertising.

We may also disclose the user information in accordance with the requirements of the competent authorities or other parties, in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time.

The information may be disclosed in connection with a possible acquisition, merger, outsourcing or business transaction, as well as in relation to the Group relationship or any other financial association for those parties. We may also disclose the user's information to a partner for the purpose of providing any prizes.

As a rule, we do not transfer personal data outside the EU or the EEA. If personal data is transferred outside the EU or the EEA, we will ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data, inter alia by agreeing on the confidentiality and processing of personal data as required by data protection legislation, for example by using standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission, and otherwise by processing personal data in accordance with this privacy statement.

Registered rights

The data subject can influence the collection and processing of data as described below:

- Checking, correcting and deleting information: The data subject has the right to inspect personal data stored on him / her. At the request of the data subject, incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data shall be rectified, supplemented or deleted. However, the data will not be deleted to the extent necessary to comply with the statutory obligations or to establish, present or defend a legal claim or to fulfill a contract between the data subject and the controller.

- Data Transfer: The data subject may, if he / she so wishes, obtain the personal data which he / she has transmitted and which are processed automatically by consent or agreement, by contacting the address mentioned in paragraph 1 above.

- Right of Resistance and Restriction: You may oppose direct marketing at any time. The data subject may also object to any other treatment based on a legitimate interest based on his / her personal situation. For example, in such a situation, the treatment is limited to the time when the criteria for opposing the treatment are assessed. Processing can also be limited, for example, by: when the data subject refutes the accuracy of the personal data, the processing is limited to the period during which the accuracy of the data is verified.

- Withdrawal of consent: The data subject may withdraw his consent at any time by contacting the address mentioned in paragraph 1 above.

- Right of appeal: The data subject has the right to appeal to the Authority if he / she considers that his / her information has been processed in violation of applicable data protection legislation.


Processing of Personal Information 
We comply with the applicable data protection regulations in Finland when processing personal data. We process personal information (e.g., name, address, email address, phone number) within the limits permitted by law, such as customer relationship or consent, and in accordance with it. In addition, processing can be done, for example, for direct marketing. We mainly collect personal information from users themselves, for example through competitions or surveys, or by joining the Radio Town Newsletter to the mailing list.

We process personal information only in so far as it is necessary for the purposes specified for each personal register. We process personal information, among others. to deliver services, organize competitions, deliver orders, and improve user service experience and target digital advertising. In addition, we work on data analysis, problem solving, fraud prevention and product development support.

All of our activities do not require the processing of information in a person's identifying form. For example, if identification is not necessary in some circumstances, information can be processed, for example, in product development, in an aggregated or anonymous form.

In addition to our own processing, we may transfer and disclose user information to our third parties. For example, in accordance with service-specific registry specifications and applicable data protection rules, information may be transferred to service providers, and may be passed on to third parties for direct marketing purposes, as well as opinion and market surveys and other similar reports. We may also send ads on behalf of our partners. We may also disclose information to authorities in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time.

Exploiting the location of cookies and other similar technologies and the location of the user's terminal
In Radio Town digital services and mobile applications, we can collect and use user behavioral behavior information. The information about the user's computer and other terminal can be collected using cookies and other similar techniques. A cookie is a small file that is stored on a user's terminal and allows the digital service to, e.g. if the user so wishes, save the user's username and password for the next visit. Cookies contain an anonymous, numeric identifier that allows us to identify and calculate the number of browsers visiting our site. Mobile apps also use a numeric identifier corresponding to cookies. Cookies and other similar techniques do not damage the user's terminal or files.

We automatically collect information about how the user of the service uses the Radio Town website and mobile applications (e.g., duration and timing of the visit, and which search terms and words and the search engine link are linked), on which sites and sites the user accesses both the user's computer or mobile device (including IP address, device ID, physical location, browser, operator and operating system type, and associated URLs).

We use cookies and other techniques to collect, observable information eg To improve our services, to show more relevant advertising and to customize the content of our services and marketing messages. We help our advertisers target their advertising on Radio Town to users who have visited our advertiser's online store and viewed a particular product.

Behavioral information can be collected through visits to service providers and third parties via Radio Town's website. We use Google Analytics advertising features (remarketing, similar audiences, Google Display Network impression reporting, Google Analytics target group data, and topic reporting, and Google Analytics User ID). We aim for various physical, electronic and contractual means to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to the above information and that our service provider does not use the information for its own purposes. Third parties are also seeking to commit to existing legislation and self-regulatory guidelines.

However, we do not control third party practices and are not responsible for them. The Internet is an open system where it is impossible to guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to bypass security measures or use information for inappropriate purposes.

In our digital services, there may be so-called 'no. community-related features like the Facebook-like button that comes directly from Facebook. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other relevant service providers may collect information about the visitor's visit in accordance with their current terms.

Some cookies remain on the user's machine even after leaving the site. Cookies may remain for months or even years after the last visit to the site, unless deleted. 
In the collection and use of behavioral information, Radio Town is committed to complying with the self-regulatory program for web-based advertising based on IAB Europe's browsing behavior. You can find more information about the self-regulatory program on the IAB website.

User empowerment
If the user does not want us or our partner to target advertising or content based on the Internet behavior, the user can prevent this by denying the desired cookies in his browser settings. The mobile identifier corresponding to the cookie can be reset from the settings of the terminal. By periodically deleting cookies or a mobile identifier, the user changes the identifier on the basis of which the user is formed. However, emptying cookies does not completely stop the collection of information, but rather resets the profile based on previous behavioral data. It should be noted that deleting or blocking cookies does not prevent the display of advertising on the Radio Town digital services and may cause malfunctions or inactivity of the services. Deleting or blocking cookies is always browser specific.

In our online services, we utilize our own and third-party technical tools to collect and utilize non-personal information. Analytics services such as Google Analytics also use cookies. Radio Town and its affiliates can collect information on marketing efficiency, such as ad impressions, ad and email or text message opening information, and opening of opening information for a purchase / order transaction

The user can learn more and can manage the targeting and use of cookies by third parties in their entirety or individually through the Your Online Choices website.

Targeting by other Radio Town systems and other third parties can be influenced by the IAB Europe self-regulatory model here.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to use the mobile device location information. The consent can be canceled from the device settings. Mobile device settings may also limit the targeting of advertising based on a mobile tag. For more information about the user 's influence, such as the right to review and correct the data, and the imposition of a direct marketing ban, please refer to the service description of the services.

Changes to Terms and Contact Information 
We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy described herein and update these Terms and Conditions accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding Radio Town services, please contact If the contact is specifically about Radio Town privacy, cookie practices, or personal information, please feel free to contact us at:

Registrar The 
registrar acts as Radio Town, Business ID: 2487859-8 and the user can contact at any time using the following contacts: 
Radio Town 
Salmmenmäentie 28 D 29 
08350 Lohja 

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